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Everyone is Creative is a book about encouraging everyone to unleash their inner creativity, regain that endless wonder we all have as children, and discover how imagination plays a part in all aspects of our lives.

The ideas presented below are meant for groups wishing to explore and reignite that creative spark through workshops. These could be schools, groups of adults exploring their abilities, and support for mental wealth.

Across these pages, you and your group will learn to flex those creative muscles and have fun as you do. If you and your cohort enjoy them (which I hope you will!), you can explore your creativity further by reading the book these exercises were inspired by.

Thanks for reading and let’s enjoy unleashing creativity together! 


  1. Treasure Hunt (20+ minutes, 1+ participant)
  2. Franken-story (45+ minutes, 2+ participants)
  3. Pencil Whispers (30+ minutes, 3+ participants)
  4. In the Dark (45+ minutes, 2+ participants)
  5. Sightless Collaboration (coming soon)
  6. Lemon (coming soon)
  7. Draw some Digs (coming soon)
  8. Build Universes (coming soon)
  9. Brave New World (coming soon)
  10. Rebirth (coming soon)
  11. Feedback Loop (coming soon)
  12. Upcycling Failure (coming soon)

Unleash your creativity

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