This post is part of a series of exercises meant for groups wishing to explore & reignite their creative spark through workshops. If you haven’t yet, read this introduction first.


Let the participants know they will create a project based on five words they selected from a list. This project can be anything your workshop leaders wish it to be (play, story, song, drawing, etc.).

Once the participants are ready, get them to write down 5 words of their choosing from this list on a piece of paper.

Before you start, ask the participants to swap their words with the person to their right (or next to them in a classroom context) and begin work.

Get the participants to share their works with one another once complete.

Extend and Remix

Do this exercise a couple more times? On the second, let participants keep their list of words. On the third, flip a coin to see if they will keep or swap their words.

Once completed, ask the groups how not knowing whether they could keep their words impacted how they chose them. Did they pick them to help others? Did they select the ones they didn’t want?


Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places. Relinquishing control can lead to surprising outcomes.

This exercise also forces participants to develop their imagination based on a structured input.

Candidates may also be surprised by how their peers interpreted their words and what they created with them, highlighting the rich diversity of thinking around them.

Min. time required
45 minutes

Min. participants

This list of words
Paper + pencils + pens
Raw materials for the chosen medium of the project being made


Unleash your creativity