In the Dark

This post is part of a series of exercises meant for groups wishing to explore & reignite their creative spark through workshops. If you haven’t yet, read this introduction first.

In the dark

As a group, look at an object and try to remember it. Draw it in pitch darkness (or with a blindfold). Mark the back of the paper with a ‘1’.

Do the same with the lights now on, then again in darkness, and mark the back of the paper with a ‘2’.

Once complete, put the drawings made in darkness in their pairs on the wall (1 and 2 next to each other). Randomly choose which drawing in the set should be on the left or right of it.

Get the group to try and identify which was the second drawing for each individual. Did they get it right? Have you improved?

Covet the need for practice. If you have space, keep the drawings up as a reminder that you can improve anything with practice.


Next, try touching an object in the dark. Hide the object, then try to recreate it with the lights on. This could be with clay, plasticine, drawing or even writing. Once done, compare both versions.


Practice really does make perfect. The more we work, the better our output becomes. Giving the participants a tangible way of experiencing that change should inspire them to practice their craft more often.

Purpose of the Remix
We are very dependent on our senses and don’t often explore different ways of interacting with our world. Trying something new could unlock new methods to create richer work.

Min. time required
45 minutes

Min. participants

Drawing / painting supplies

Sense work

Unleash your creativity